Copper With Power

  • Length : 100m | 305 m

The shielded coaxial cable features parallel lines of RG59 and DC power wires, allowing you to use it to carry both video and power from your camera. This 2-way cable helps you save both money and time when wiring up a multi-camera system. As this reel is completely uncut, it also provides much more flexibility than standard cables, as you can cut it to exactly the size you need on-site!

Products Highlights

  • deal economical cabling solution for any large scale CCTV installation
  • 2 Way Cable- This cable features parallel lines for video and DC power, meaning you only have to run one cable out to each camera
  • Aluminium Foil Shielding
  • Both cable lines are protected by a durable PVC jacket, allowing them to be used for outdoor installations

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